What is solar BOS? Let’s find out

Solar Bos

If you carefully study the work mechanism of a solar system or a solar photovoltaic system, you will know that it requires several components to give you the desired output. 

These components eventually help the solar system to capture, convert as well as store the power from the sun. This is somewhat similar to AC electricity. Hence, we can say that solar panels play an important role when it comes to the working of grid-tier as well as off-grid PV solutions. However, all of these will be useless without establishing a balance in the system. 

This is where BOS comes into action. So, moving on, let us find out what it actually is. 

Understanding what Solar BOS is

Well, if we talk about BOS or Balance of System in particular, we can say that it is an umbrella term for all the components that are essentially required by a solar power system to work in addition to PV panels. The following are the components that can be found in a Solar BOS: 

  • Solar charge controller 
  • Inverter 
  • Solar batteries (required for off-grid systems) 
  • Battery Management System (BMS) 

Major components of Solar BOS

Now that you have a basic idea of what we mean by Solar BOS, it is time that we get to understand the in-depth details of all its components. 

Prior to discussing the details, it is important that you understand that not all solar PV systems come included with all of these components. Hardware requirements may vary based on different factors such as location, usage, etc. 

  • Inverters:  A solar BOS consists of an inverter that helps in the conversion of DC electricity produced by the PV panels into AC electricity for ultimate usage. 
  • Solar battery: When it comes to off-grid systems, this battery bank is required for storing energy that is produced by PV panels. 
  • Charge controller: This is another essential component of Solar BOS that helps in the regulation of voltage as well as current derived from the solar panels. 
  • Wiring: In order to connect all the components of the Solar PV system, it is essential that you use high-quality wires and a proper gauge. 
  • Mounting hardware: For the safe and proper installation of PV panels, you will require proper mounting hardware. 


I hope now you have understood the background details of a Solar BOS. The article talks about the meaning of Solar BOS and its components at length giving you deeper insights into the same. In addition to the components given above, you may also require a BMS which will protect the batteries from overcharging or undercharging.